In Person and Virtual Public Meeting


The City is proposing to designate the Innovation District within the Lakeview Waterfront Major Node and Lakeview Neighbourhood Character Areas as a Community Improvement Project Area. The purpose of this designation is to allow the City to initiate a Community Improvement Plan for the area in order to encourage desired development through financial and non-financial incentives.

Meeting Details:

This meeting will be held in person and online. Advance registration is required to make a verbal submission at the meeting virtually. Advance registration is preferred to make a verbal submission at the meeting in person. The proceedings will be streamed live online for the public to view at the following link: If you wish to phone in to listen to the meeting only, please call 905-615-3200, ext. 4915 for instructions.

Options for participating in the meetings are outlined below.

Purpose of Meeting:

At the upcoming meeting, Planning and Building staff will present a report identifying the draft Community Improvement Project Area. Planning and Development Committee will make a decision about this project at this meeting.

Consult the Full Notice on the City of Mississauga Web Site

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